A Perfect Fit – Smart Lighting Systems with aconno Beacons

The integration of aconno’s beacons into lighting systems represents a top combination in the field of smart lighting, offering a comprehensive solution for individual application areas. Whether in retail, in large warehouses, industry or in parking facilities; smart lighting systems can be a valuable addition everywhere since they offer key benefits.

1. Enabling different applications
Based on the Bluetooth Low Energy Standard, lighting systems with integrated beacons are open systems and allow operators and partners to easily integrate their applications. Thus, several applications can be realized quickly and easily. In retail, for example, it is helpful to implement heat mapping to keep track of the shelves which are frequently used by customers in combination with couponing. In car parks, sensors inside the lighting systems can be added to show where a space is still available so that customers can find it more quickly. Other use cases include climate monitoring, asset tracking, indoor navigation and more.

2. Signal visibility
Since the lighting system is mounted to the ceiling, the beacons benefit from the high positioning. They profit from the high signal visibility, as the beacons have a relatively free radio field.

3. Lower installation costs
As the beacons are already combined with the lighting system, no separate installation of the beacons is required. Therefore installation costs can be kept low.

4. Power supplied – permanent availability – lower operating cost
As the luminaires are permanently supplied with power, the beacons are being provided with power all the time, too. They can operate 24/7 without limitations – and we don’t need to tweak for battery optimization.

5. Optimized Cost of Ownership
In terms of costs, smart lighting systems with integrated beacons are unbeatable. Costs are saved through the combined system, single installation, reduced maintenance and service cost, especially as we avoid the costly exchange of batteries. On the upside, combined systems can run several applications in parallel, they can serve as network infrastructure and even allow for additional sensor use cases.

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