aconno’s IoT Platform:
We make IoT easy and realize your idea with our aconno sensorics hardware, gateways and more !
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We are M2M and IoT experts since 2001.
Collect and use data via our connected devices to make your city, factory and home smarter !

With our plug & play product platform and IoT tools you'll be able to implement your solution -
Need a custom IoT solution ? We make it happen for you !
Product Platform Measuring made easy

Whether you want to create a smart factory, home and city or want to maximize the efficiency of logistics, farming & health care – use our products to create your solutions

Services We create your solution

We build the hard- and software around your use case. Our team will guide you from ideation to prototype within 10 days, followed by the development of a MVP and the preparation for market entry.

IoT Tools All you need to build your own solutions

Our hardware toolkits and programmers provide you with an easy way to go from ideation to mass production, while saving time and cost. These kits include everything you need to get started.

Development projects