Our casings are specifically designed and made for our Beacon Solutions using premium quality materials.
With a wide range of water and dust resistance, we can satisfy even the wildest requirements.

If our IP54 doesn’t meet your requirements, just contact us and we will make solution just for you.

acnRouteMeBaby XS

The aconno “acnRouteMeBaby XS” is an IoT Gateway that can be used to scan, interpret and forward aconno Bluetooth beacon data to any cloud by MQTT or HTTP REST.
The acnRouteMeBaby XS is based on the “GL iNet GL-AR300M-Ext Router“ which we upgraded by adding Bluetooth hardware and aconno specific firmware. Thanks to the OpenWRT, aconno can extend the GL’s software so that it can work with aconno Beacons right out of the box, and communicate to all key clouds by MQTT and HTTP Rest. With these modifications the GL-AR300M turns into an acnRouteMeBaby XS.“
Of course the device can continue to work as a normal router. It has the capability of working as a WiFi access point and can supply users with the internet. All settings are adjustable through an easy and modern graphical user interface.

nFC Antenne side white

NFC Antenna


Our NFC Antenna extends the NFC functionality of an ACD52840 board and other NFC devices. It can be used and combined with all products that have an NFC antenna connector.