aconno’s IoT toolbox – develop your IoT solution – made easy

The Internet of Things is a ground-breaking wave of digital revolutions delivering endless possibilities for new projects and products. aconno’s IoT toolbox makes it easy to become part of the revolution.

IoT Development Tools

Our wireless development board and Bluetooth® Low Energy products are designed to support you to easily take a product from rapid prototyping through to mass production. With aconno you can cut development time and costs significantly when building new products and services.

Connectivity Products

Our products are designed and certified for IoT - ultra-low power and strong application performance. This makes them great for prototyping and for mass production.

Starter kits

Get more value for money by purchasing aconno starter kits.


Learn more about aconno's range of Bluetooth related applications. See how the Sensorics application connects your beacons to the clouds (MQTT!). Get them for FREE at Google Play.

Lab products

Besides our product line, we develop some interesting use cases per request. See what’s cooking in aconno’s laboratory