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  • Complete prototype kit
  • All-in-one to get you started
  • Functional extendibility with extension boards
  • Easy to develop and program: Compliant with, Keil µvision
  • Quality product made in Germany


Our IoT Development Starter Kit offers great value pack to get you started prototyping with our ACN52832.

In this kit you can find:
3x ACN52832

It provides a complete set of tools for rapid development of prototypes and products. It is made for product designers, makers and creators developing tomorrow’s connected objects and devices.

Getting started is easy – with the aconno ACD52832 you will be up and running in minutes using the known tools or Keil µvision.

If you need a testing environment, we have IoT Development Starter Kit XL . Development with the aconno board is fast, flexible and cost-effective. The development kit was designed to allow an easy transition from prototype to mass production based on the aconno product family.

Get started today using the ACN52832 now. Go create – the future can’t wait.