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From ideation workshop to a working prototype in just 10 days

IoT Solution Consulting

Sensor Solutions
Case study
Integrated Sensor Solutions providing relevant measurements for predictive maintenance

aconno custom solution

Case study
Performance monitoring:
Sensor beacons measuring real time compliance, assuring operations within normal parameters

aconno custom solution

Case study
Smart Fueling
Tailored solution for remote fuel stations End-to-end: From access control to cloud reporting

aconno custom solution

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FIND! Don't search.
Indoor location and navigation
based on Bluetooth beacons

aconno & partner solution

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asset tracking & localization
Find anything anywhere - fast!

aconno & partner solution

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Intelligent & Transparent Logistics
Know how your shipments are being handled

aconno custom solution

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Startup support
We create your MVP

aconno solutions

Agile development in 3 phases

Together we can move quickly: First prototypes can be ready in just 10 days.



Workshop & Brainstorm

Together we define the problem and brainstorm on the different viable solutions.


Solution & Product definition

First, we perform deep analysis and evaluate different possibilities in order to define prototypes and check for feasibility—then we define the MVP.

IoT Business

Model generation

Creating smart and connected products gives you the opportunity to innovate your business models. We will help you think this through as well.


Custom Hardware

Made in Germany

Having your first prototype allows you and us to do something crucial: test, learn and improve.

Custom Software

Made by experts

Firmware, Apps, SaaS, Cloud, or Cloud connectors – we can do it for you.

Industrial Design

Form & Function

We create the design that fits best – attractive and functional designs incl. IP ratings where needed.


Prepare launch


We take care of your product certification: CE RED, FCC, IC and Bluetooth compliance.

Build it!


We can scale up, set up and run the manufacturing for you – Made in Germany.


Model generation

We’ll be with you down the road when you need us to update, modify or create future products.

Launch your IoT now!

EXPERIENCE aconno and let us convince you

It’s never too early to think and talk about your IoT needs. Tell us what you need and we’ll rise up to your challenge!

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    Use case: Smart fueling


    Smart fueling solutions for mobile tanks

    Our customer produces mobile tanks and fuel pumps for use on construction sites. The tanks are used to fuel up construction vehicles. There is no data on usage, fuel levels or anything else.

    Gas and oil often get stolen (up to 10%), tanks removed or damaged. There is no knowledge of who is using the tank or which vehicle is being fueled.

    aconno built a smart fuel control system, together with a mobile app and a cloud solution. Now only authorized staff can fuel and will detail the vehicle and the mileage that the fuel is used for. Via the app, the solution also reports back on fuel is taken and remaining fuel levels.

    Now our partner can sell a complete solution – which is not only anti-theft, but also smart, delivering usage data to his customers – and the tanks are always refilled before they get empty.

    Smart fuelling

    Use case: Monitor Performance


    Vibration measurement with SensorBeacons

    Our customer produces classical motors for use in industrial environments and wants to monitor vibrations. By doing so, he’ll prevent great damage and standstill situation in the early phase.

    If a motor breaks without early replacement, the production has a standstill. It’s better to understand potential stages by vibration monitoring.

    aconno built a beacon that measures vibrations and patterns. By measuring and collecting data of good and faulty machines a set of parameters is defined. As soon as the beacon feels critical vibrations, it suggests the user what to do and what to check before a standstill occurs.

    Within the test setup, we could identify faulty swings/vibrations with a 95% accuracy.

    Now our customer can sleep peacefully knowing that aconno beacon will warn him if a motor experiences faulty vibrations that can cause the whole production to stop. You know the saying: Better safe than sorry!

    Monitor performance

    Use case: Pump it up overheat


    Predictive maintenance

    The customer’s challenge was to help identify overheating in a pump early on and prevent it from happening. System users also need to be warned of the heat issue.

    Preventive measures needed to be taken to avoid system damage.

    aconno created a simple add-on device for the pump that warns on overheating via LED status. The device can also take more data on the machine like working hours and vibrations.

    Failures from over-heating can be significantly reduced.

    Pump it up overheat


    Customer opinion – what they say about us

    I reviewed the aconno ACD52832 as a prototyping solution to create IoT and Industry 4.0 applications – and I’m thrilled with what aconno has delivered!

    Norman H. – Siemens

    Your ACN52832 module is a genius product. Super easy prototyping!
    (Der ACN52832 Chip von euch ist ein geniales Produkt. Super leichtes Prototyping!)

    Timo G. – Developer

    The Sensa modules are definitely impressive because the connection is so easy and the results can be easily displayed in real time.

    Jacob D. – Festo AG & Co. KG

    aconno made our ideas come to life when we didn’t even know whether that was possible. They combine curiosity with technology – and the outcomes are amazing!

    Josua W. – CEO &  Founder – Triclap GmbH

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