“Dr. Greenthumb” 2017

Yes, at aconno we are gr8 in technology but 2 nerdy 4 flowers – we don’t know if they suffer from being fed with “Club Mate” or if we just forget to water them – or is it a lack oh minerals? We don’t know. So from now on it’s either plastic plants (Hell No!) or we have to seriously fix this.

And welcome to “Dr. Greenthumb” – hell yes we think about the good old days with Cypress Hill and how important proper plant growing was! But now we take it to the next level: measuring water, humidity, light, temperature and the ph-value. Together with an app you can now keep track of your plants, get alerts, sos or …it’s dead Jim! To get insane in the brain we were thinking about adding Image recognition for plant growth and AI to make it perfect – but someone will need to fund this 😉

half way done – contact us for resource.