Smart Steaker – BBQ2.0

Meatering not metering – get the core temperature of your steak straight onto your smartphone. Hi, we really love BBQ – best with the team. But then when the fun starts – no one is excited to take care of the BBQ. Medium? Well? Well done? – Too Late! So how to get your piece of meat right? Well, it can be measured! And what can be measured can be digitalised and come to your smartphone. Welcome “Smart Steaker” – get your steak connected now! (And no, from inside your Weber Grill & BBQ you cannot send Bluetooth nicely – remember Faraday? Remember: HOT!)

So? We connected a wired thermometer from the heart of your steak, to our hand crafted wooden Bluetooth-Steaker-Beacon, attached with Neodym magnets to the base.

From now on it’s good by to bad steaks – set the desired stage in your app, follow the development of your steak on the BBQ with a beer in your hand, right from your smartphone – and get alerted when it gets ready. From now on your only excuse to bad steaks is too much good beer 😉

working prototype – working app – contact us for resources