What is Mbed?

Mbed is an online platform that provides everything you need to develop IoT devices and applications. It provides full support for over 100 “Mbed Enabled” boards and more than 400 components, tools for writing, building and testing applications.
To develop with aconno modules or aconno DKs you need to register on mbed.org as a developer and choose Nordic nRF52-DK as a target development platform.
Many examples to work with aconno boards can be found on official aconno dev team mbed web site: https://os.mbed.com/teams/aconno-dev-team/
All the examples can be easily tested with a few clicks. You should first click on the Import option to import an example into your Arm Mbed Online Compiler. After it, click on the Build and Compile options. After the building and compiling process you get your hex file. The hex file needs to be uploaded on aconno boards using a simple drag & drop.
Restart aconno board to see your first program in action.
Here’s the link for the step-by-step introduction tutorial: step-by-step introduction tutorial.